CAD & Architectural Design

CAD & Architectural Design

We believe that this world is a beautiful place. We should look after it, protect it and whenever we aim to change it, we should aspire to always improve it.

We are committed to providing a design service that responds to its environment and recognise the impact that architecture has on our lives, as a result we design buildings and places that inspire, excite and exceed the expectations of the people for which they are created.

We have a strong reputation for balancing commercial requirements with innovative design solutions through a team of creative imaginative designers and experienced technical staff. The practice is energetic and enthusiastic and no matter what the project, size or location we can assemble a team with the right skills that will be dedicated to the effective delivery of your aspirations.

Our track record for delivering buildings of the highest architectural excellence, combining innovative design, craft, and environmental responsibility, has been the key to our continuing success. Our recent work includes; intelligently remodelling homes, creating new build offices, housing and retail space and reshaping schools, colleges and commercial property.

We are also a specialist Design Visualisation Company offering three-dimensional computer generated images (CGI’s) and animation for architects, interior designers, developers and marketing companies.

Using the latest technology and software we are able to produce super realistic visualisations and animations from simple sketches. Our Visuals have helped clients win planning permission, market developments and sell properties long before construction.

Our Design Team collaborate on each project with leading engineers, cost control consultants and other specialists. We can provide a full service, exploring your expectations, agreeing the brief and design, gaining permissions and overseeing construction to completion. Alternatively, we can offer specific professional services you require for your project as detailed below.

CAD & Architectural Services

– Design & Build
– Refurbishment
– Conservation & Restoration
– Development Plans
– Urban Planning & Design
– 3D Visualisation and Presentation

– Planning Applications
– Building Regulations Applications
– Feasibility Studies
– Contract Administration
– Space Planning
– Production Information

Good design is timeless and doesn’t need expensive solutions, we are competitive and commercially aware. We enjoy talking to people, building relationships and always look for interesting collaborations, so feel free to speak to us, our initial consultation is usually free.