Disabled Access Audits

Disabled Access Audits

Equality Act 2010 (Supersedes the Disability Discrimination Act 1995).

Disabled Access Audit also known as Disability Discrimination Act Audits (DDA audits) is an assessment of a building, an environment against best practice standards to benchmark its accessibility to with an aim to help secure a built environment that is usable by everyone, including disabled and older people.

Northlight Surveying has a dedicated team of Building Access Surveyors to evaluate access requirements in the built environment for disabled and older people.

Northlight Surveying assess what is reasonable for you to do as required by the Equality Act 2010. We are able to carry out Access Audits on buildings or environments to appraise their accessibility, judged against predetermined standards. Our Access Audits set out clear recommendations with priority ratings and nominal costs to enable you to plan and budget for any necessary works.

We focus on reasonable adjustments, as is required by the Equality Act, thus avoiding unnecessary and costly measures which we often see in Audits prepared by less experienced and unqualified auditors.

All our surveyors are fully qualified and have received comprehensive training at The Centre for Accessible Environments (CAE) the UK’s leading authority on inclusive design. We use industry leading design guidance and access auditing guidance, our clients can be assured that they are receiving the highest quality assessments.

We can help organizations meet their duties under the Equality Act 2010.