Measured Surveys

Measured Surveys

Measured surveys involve taking measurements of sites or buildings in order to produce accurate drawings to scale. They are usually specified to an agreed level of detail and acceptable tolerances.

An initial collection of accurate site data will provide the ‘building block’ of core information upon which all subsequent phases of planning, design and development are based.

Increasing recognition that direct measurement and collection of site data has an additional role to play in the maintenance of buildings and estates is highlighted by the current government initiative towards Building Information Models (BIM) whereby spatial information about a building is linked with feature intelligence and then shared between users throughout the building’s lifetime, design through to demolition.

Traditionally, measured surveys were published in the form of 2D hard copy line drawings, floor plans, sections and elevations. These days, 3D models make up the dataset delivery from which 2D extracts (plans, sections and elevations) may be taken if required.

Our specialist team will establish project requirements in a clear and concise manner to obtain accurate, complete and cost-effectively data set, to the satisfaction of all interested parties and within the time expected.

Northlight Surveying have extensive experience of undertaking measured building surveys to provide drawings for a range of building situations and work to the guidance set out in the RICS Code of Measuring Practice.