Stock Condition Surveys

Stock Condition Surveys

Stock Condition Surveying has been an integral part of our core services since the practice was established. Our staff’s expertise, combined with modern technology enables us to provide our clients with highest quality stock data in order to develop successful Asset Management Strategies.

Stock Condition Surveys is the first step allowing clients to make informed stock investment decisions. A typical stock condition survey would incorporate integrated ‘Decent Homes’ questions that will identify if the landlord is achieving the Decent Homes Standard. We can incorporate a range of related surveys whilst undertaking the stock condition survey such as, Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS) Surveys, Reduced Data Standard Assessment Procedure (RdSAP) surveys, Sustainability surveys and Aspirational surveys. Some or all of the different types of surveys can form part of the clients’ stock evaluation based on their requirements.

Northlight Surveying understand the fundamental part Component Lifecycles play when evaluating building components and the impact it has on investment therefore we advise on realistic lifecycles based on information gathered on site, historic component replacement data and research carried out by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors on component lifecycles.

Our specialist team of Stock Condition Surveyors have been head-hunted through our network of associates to work on our projects to ensure the highest quality, accurate data is gathered. We retain our expert surveyors with our commitment to financial recognition and clear expectations. Our building surveyors are highly qualified, having the experience and expertise to provide the necessary technical resources required to capture accurate property information for our clients.

We have comprehensive training programmes for all our surveyors and have established a thorough validation process to ensure the highest quality property data is provided to our clients at all times.

Decent Homes Standard

The Decent Homes Standard is a technical standard for public sector housing introduced by the government for England and Wales that provides a Minimum Standard of housing conditions that a Landlord must achieve.

Since the introduction of the ‘Decent Homes’ standard in 2000 many Social landlords have taken dedicated approach to remedy any None-Decent Homes, and in many cases have gone beyond the Minimum Standard required and introduced their own ‘Local Standard’ that they want to achieve.

Northlight Surveying understand that this is always an ongoing obligation for all our Social Housing Sector clients and therefore we always recommend compulsory integration of the Decent Homes questions within the Stock Condition Survey that will identify any None-Decent Homes.

HHSRS Surveys

The Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS) is a risk-based evaluation tool to help local authorities and registered social landlords identify and protect against potential risks and hazards to health and safety from any deficiencies identified in dwellings.

Northlight Surveying can help Housing Providers meet their obligations by carrying out Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS) Surveys. This survey is usually undertaken when carrying out a stock condition survey and will provide a risk rating for every property surveyed.

EPC / RdSAP Data

An energy performance certificate records the energy efficiency of a building. This enables landlords or tenants to use a EPC to ascertain the properties existing energy efficiency and consider implementing recommendations highlighted within the report to reduce Co2 emissions and improve energy performance.

Northlight Surveying can arrange for a qualified Energy Assessor to undertake an EPC survey when commissioned to carry out a Stock Condition Survey if required, minimizing the cost to the client and the disruption for the occupier.

Added Value Surveys

With our bespoke survey design our clients can receive Added Value Surveys, Northlight Surveying can gather additional and aspirational property information that may assist the organization in other areas of the business.

Once the fundamental survey criteria has been established Northlight Surveying can evaluate any desirable information that would benefit the organization.

– Aspirational

Identify potential development land on existing sites.

– Sustainability

Feasibility of installing environmental products on existing sites, such as Solar Panels, Ground Source Heat Pumps, Water Harvesters.

– Updating Records

Resident contact information.

– Future Proofing

Legislation and policy changes that may effect current installations, such as surface wiring.

– Grant Funding

Bespoke data capture in order to open additional revenue streams for specific projects.

Our specialist surveyors will be exclusively selected based on the project requirements.